[funsec] Funsec or Ferg's blog?

n3td3v xploitable at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 15:48:23 CDT 2007

He is annoying with his posts (FergDawg) because he just posts links
with the first paragraph(s) but doesn't add his opinion to the post.

The sad thing is he is manually posting everything when you could
easily have a robot doing exactly the same thing.

It makes me wonder why he wants to manually act as a news feed to the list.

A wee bit of history for folks who aren't aware. FergDawg used to do
the exact same thing on the Nanog mailing list, until the networking
folks there kicked him off the list.

They originally thumbed up him creating a blog for his random web
links, in the thinking it would stop him spamming security related
links, but then he just started spamming perm links from his blog,
adding more wasted time to everyones day, so they just turned round
and said enoughs enough, f**k off, that is the point he fell in love
with Funsec mailing list and hes been here ever since. Repeat offender
you could say.

Moreover, the owner of Funsec Gadi Evron was kicked off Nanog too for
posting his command and control botnet reports too.

Finally, I was kicked off Nanog as well, but only because Nanog has a
policy of using "real name" only and no aliases.

To round things up, its easy to get kicked off Nanog but FergDawg
isn't new to his activities of acting as a human news feed on mailing

Final thought is this, has anyone been sent links by FergDawg that
they weren't already aware of? It's not like he is an insider at a
corporate or government breaking exclusive news to the security

The majority of FergDawg's content on Funsec is all taken from the
mainstream internet media, where any worth while security researcher
is actually subscribed to via really simple syndication already.

When folks do decide to comment on his links, its nothing particularly
useful, more like goofy comments like "Oh ha ha, LAX Airport, they
must have Lax security, ha ha ha".

Just my analysis of the FergDawg situation.



On 8/14/07, Brian Loe <knobdy at gmail.com> wrote:
> So is your objection to the original posting or the discussion in
> response to the original posting?
> Perhaps we could have an example of a good, appropriate post and
> another of a bad, inappropriate post.
> Or, perhaps the list could be dumped and we could all just subscribe
> to Fergdawg's blog (http://fergdawg.blogspot.com/atom.xml)?
> On 8/14/07, Dave Dennis <dmd at speakeasy.org> wrote:
> > I would like a policy clarification for this list.
> >
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