[funsec] wow - is a "shadow" politician still a politician?

William Lefkovics william at emailonastick.com
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Not many swimming pools can kill you at 7km (was that what the 50BMG could
So far, I haven't had to keep my soccer ball in a child-proof safe.

I don't care if responsible people have guns or not.  But a computer, though
a potential weapon, is not a firearm.
Arguments dismissing them as equals are as lame as the ones who say we
should get rid of guns altogether.

As for the idea of protecting ourselves from our own government... should we
not then maintain the same level of weapons as our government?

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 > Richard M. Smith rms at computerbytesman.com
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 > Yep, guns: kill, kill, kill.....
 > Computers, swimming pools, football/soccer games, etc.: fun, fun,
 > fun.....
 > I think we get the picture loud and clear.
 > Richard


Computers: spam, identity theft, DDoS attacks, child porn, viruses...

swimming pools: drowning, sunburn, cramps, chlorine poisoning...

football/soccer games: injuries, hooligans, fights, property damage, 

guns: target shooting, Olympic sports, collecting, self-defense, fun, 
fun, fun...

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