[funsec] The down low from Atl

Florian Weimer fw at deneb.enyo.de
Sat Dec 22 17:25:54 CST 2007

* Dude VanWinkle:

> One liter of the refined product sells for 2.00 sold under the name Dasani.

I thought this brand was *so* dead after Coca-Cola sold "one of the
purest waters around" contaminated with bromate:

| Coca-Cola's campaign to conquer the bottled water market suffered a
| further setback today, when the company announced it was withdrawing its
| new Dasani product from UK shops.
| Dasani - the biggest-selling bottled water brand in the United States -
| was launched here amid a blaze of publicity earlier this month as "one
| of the purest waters around".
| But the entire batch was being withdrawn today after the drink was found
| to contain levels of bromate - a substance linked with an increased
| cancer risk - in excess of UK legal standards.


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