[funsec] Kaspersky strikes again

Larry Seltzer Larry at larryseltzer.com
Sun Dec 23 06:22:12 CST 2007

>>> How tough is it for a large company to have 50 or so "clean"
>>> workstations, packed with applications

> Especially virtual PCs? I would think that would be their test
platform of choice. 

I've been involved setting up in a lot of testing labs and this is the
dream scenario. It does ignore certain compatibility issues, in that
you're not testing real PCs, but the potential number of those is

I think Andreas Marx at AV-Test has a virtual PC test lab. It's the only
way he could test the massive number of variants and products he does.
I'm sure it's like knocking down a zillion dominoes, all the work is in
setting up the test.

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