[funsec] Web two dot bubble jingle

Gadi Evron ge at linuxbox.org
Sun Dec 23 15:07:20 CST 2007

On Sun, 23 Dec 2007, Alex Eckelberry wrote:
>> I now believe facebook may no longer be there in a few years.
> What?  You don't want 20 billion notifications a day, and more fun
> messages on your superwall???

1. Facebook's lack of control or enforcement of applications
2. Spam
3. Stalkers
4. Being kicked for being a spammer when you are not
5. A billion notifications, repeated
6. Bad human engineering
7. All my worlds converging in one profile

Are all fine, as I was addicted.

I liked the system, the people, the everything... but now...

1. They advertise too much, in an intrusive fashioN
2. They removed status updates/twitter from new profiles on the main page, 
which is one of the main reasons I kept coming
3. They replaced it with something annoying, when I click HIDE, it shows 
"click here to.." instead of hide it. Treating me like an addicted idiot
4. The updates are no longer what they used to be, they aggregate the user 
updates wrong while they used to do it right. What was lacking was 
history, not getting less. More made me feel I wanted to go back

Now don't get me started on the security issues, "OMG OH MY GOD".

But on top of all of that, they made their "Google grace period" go away 
by introducing Beacon, now we all look at them funny instead of as the new 
cool kid we all love.

THEN, there are all the security issues.

And then, they have Google as enemies, and Google is working hard and my 
money is on them.

I am a happy facebook user, and a proud one, but they are losing me with 
every day that passes, and they will just die out if they continue to:

1. Remove their attractive features
2. Annoy their user base

As I see it, likely with Google's next effort.


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> I'll facebook it, although facebook has contributed to making me
> un-addicted from facebook.
> I now believe facebook may no longer be there in a few years.
> 	Gadi.
> On Sun, 23 Dec 2007, Hubbard, Dan wrote:
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6IQ_FOCE6I
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