[funsec] Report: Terrorists 'Use Google Maps to Hit UK Troops'

Brian Loe knobdy at gmail.com
Sat Jan 13 12:38:21 CST 2007

> Does seem a little dubious.
> The imagery in google around Basra is hit and miss. some excellent and some
> crap.
> But to identify land rovers.... and bathrooms... I think some artistic
> license was used. If this were an American Base, the reporter would have
> said hummers instead.
> A more dark scenario is if some country that had really good sat imagery was
> providing this imagery and faking the appearance of it being printed off the
> google website. A little tinfoil, but certainly possible.

Seems more likely that google having up-to-date, and therefore
relevant, images - especially for finding parked vehicles and mobile

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