[funsec] myspace makes GoDaddy take out Fyodor

Fyodor fyodor at insecure.org
Fri Jan 26 00:42:29 CST 2007

On Fri, Jan 26, 2007 at 04:48:58PM +1300, Nick FitzGerald wrote:
> Blue Boar wrote:
> I guess, as a customer, maybe that's what you should expect from a 
> $8.95/yr/.com registrar??

$10 per domain-year adds up.  Last month I did a bunch of multi-year
renewals and paid GoDaddy well over $1,000.  But I don't think their
shutdown policy should be based on how much a customer pays.

> Their margins are pretty thin so they won't invest much effort in 
> defending you (as a customer) against a "big" complaint from a big 
> complainer.

I don't expect them to invest much effort.  They should have just told
MySpace to email/call/sue the registrant (Insecure.Com LLC) and/or
contact our ISP.  Our phone number and email address are in whois and
all over the site.  It is not the registrar's job to police the
content of our web sites.  And even if they do suspend a domain, the
web content is still available to anyone who knows the IP, has the DNS
record cached, or access the site through a different domain name.  So
contacting the hosting provider or ISP can be more effective.

If Myspace had presented GoDaddy with a court order to remove the
domain record, that would be different.  But GoDaddy should have just
bounced this complaint to us rather than suspending our domain with no
warning or reason given.


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