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> I love the term trusted network -- ATT and NSA  djf
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> Steve Jobs of Apple Computer warned today that a rumoured cheap
> iPhone knockoff making its way toward America is an inferior product
> which
> lacks many of the important features of the iPhone. It may look a bit
> like an iPhone, but when consumers discover all the great iPhone
> features
> that are missing from it, we think theyll still line up at Apple
> for the genuine article, said Jobs in a released statement. Designed
> software nerds, the knockoff, dubbed the myPhone by fans, has not yet
> been confirmed.
> Apple released a list of features reported to be missing from the
> MyPhone.
>      * The iPhone has special software that assures you will use the
>      trusted AT&T cellular network. Lacking this software, the myPhone
>      accepts any SIM card from any network. Users may find themselves
>      connected to a network that doesnt have the reputation for
>      trust and protecting the privacy of customers that AT&T has. In
>      addition, users may be stuck without 2 years of guaranteed AT&T
>      service.
>      * The iPhone is configured to assure you the latest iTunes
>      experience. The myPhone may operate before you have installed
>      the latest iTunes and registered your phone with it. Indeed, the
>      myPhone lacks the protections that block it from being used
>      registering it with or reporting back to anybody, depriving the
> user
>      of customer service and upsell opportunities.
>      * The iPhone has special software that assures all applications
>      on the iPhone have been approved by Apple, which protects the
>      from viruses and tools that may make the user violate their
>      agreements. The myPhone will run any application, from any
> developer,
>      opening up the user to all sorts of risks.
>      * The iPhone protects users from dangerous Flash and Java
> applications
>      which may compromise their device and confuse the user
>      * myPhones dont forbid VoIP software that may cause the user to
>      accidentally make calls over wireless internet connections
>      of the AT&T network. Quality on the internet is unpredictable, as
>      is the price, which can range down to zero, causing great pricing
>      uncertainty.
>      * The iPhone saves the user from receiving distracting instant
>      messages over popular IM services, adding calm to your day.
>      * Music and videos in the iPhone are protected by Apple FairPlay
> brand
>      DRM. On the myPhone, which lacks the important DRM functionality,
>      music can be freely copied to other devices the user owns,
>      the user at risk of infringing copyrights.
>      * The iPhone assures users will only play media files in approved
>      formats, and not risky open source formats.
>      * The iPhone protects the user from setting a song in their
>      as a ringtone, saving those around him from annoyance and
> protecting
>      the user from violating music copyrights and performance rights.
>      * The iPhone Bluetooth functions have careful security
>      management. Users are protected from using bluetooth to exchange
> files
>      with other users (such files are risky) or accidentally printing
>      or communicating with your computer. Bluetooth is only used for
>      headsets and headphones as was intended. The myPhone lacks these
>      important protections.
>      * The iPhone only uses its internal flash drive. The user is
> protected
>      against hard drives, which have moving parts and can put data at
> risk.
>      * The myPhone battery has a removable door over it, which can get
>      lost, or allow the battery to fall out or be stolen. The iPhones
>      battery is solidly protected. Users are also assured they will
>      use only Apple certified batteries and not subject to the risk of
>      aftermarket batteries, which may explode, killing the user.
>      * The iPhone is for sale only in the USA and primarily for use
>      there. This encourages users to stay home in America which is
>      for the economy and their own peace of mind.
>      * The iPhone, unlike the myPhone and all other cell phones, sells
>      at a very solid markup for Apple, assuring Apple executives and
>      stockholders will be happy, and the company will be around to
>      support the iPhone for years to come. The myPhone, it is
>      will be purchasable in a wide variety of stores, confusing the
> buyer
>      with too much choice, price wars and depriving them of the
>      experience of an Apple or AT&T store.
>      * As a result, the myPhone lacks the Apple brand coolness which
>      built into the iPhone and every other Apple product. Nobodys
>      to have to spend days in line for a myPhone, said Jobs. You wont
>      have people thrusting them in your face all week to show you how
>      cool they are.
> MyPhones are predicted to sell for $350 without contract, $150 with a
> 2 year contract to the provider of your choice.
> Put comments and additions at:
> http://ideas.4brad.com/jobs-warns-knockoff-iphone-lacks-many-key-
> features
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