[funsec] Louisiana Bankers Set to Go Wireless

Dave Paris dparis at w3works.com
Sun Jul 8 04:32:08 CDT 2007

Paul Ferguson wrote:
> "It's bandwidth, lots of bandwidth, and it's more secure than a regular
> phone line," said John Burns, CEO of ERF Enterprise Network Services. "It's
> actually quite a bit faster. Much more control, faster speed, faster
> response, and it's a private communications network the bank creates for
> itself, whereas with phone lines you're sharing with everyone."

Wow.  Just frickin' wow.  So much ignorance stuffed into a tiny 
paragraph.  The only thing scarier is that *both* the banking and police 
technology analysts bought into this tripe.

 > The company, ERF Wireless out of League City, Texas, says sending data
 > through the air will be faster than land lines, even safer from
 > hackers, and not prone to storm damage like high-wires or buried
 > lines.

Apparently standard signal transmission physics doesn't apply in 
Louisiana.  Neat.  Also interesting is that the towers the gear is on 
are apparently immune to hurricanes, lightning, and bored hooligans.

I think it was actually a typesetting error; '... out of League City, 
Texax' - probably should have been 'Out Of League City, Texas'.  I 
suspect Mr. Burns may also be a frequent user of the phrase "Hey y'all, 
watch this!"

Well, best of luck to Mr. Burns.  Hope their first rollout is in Homer, 
Louisiana .. just so the banks and police can keep context when 
collectively yelling "D'oh!".  Now then.. Smithers, fetch me my pringles 

-d   ::plunks his money on a bored 12yr old, Pringles, script kiddie 
tools, and a need to kill 15 minutes after school.::

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