[funsec] What Happened to The 56 Men Who Signed the DeclarationofIndependence ?

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Mon Jul 9 09:06:27 CDT 2007

On Mon, 9 Jul 2007, Larry Seltzer wrote:
>>>> It was an act of parliament, long before your civil war.
>> 1809 I think
> I guess I'm wrong on this. I was positive I had read 1809 at one point,
> but a little Googling indicates that the abolition act was passed in
> 1833 and took effect in 1834.
> http://www.anti-slaverysociety.addr.com/huk-1833act.htm
> This article also says "...in Scotland, which does not have the common
> law, bondage still existed until the late eighteenth century, when it
> was abolished by legislation."
> The international slave trade was banned in the British Empire in 1807.
> I believe it was banned in the US not long thereafter, although only as
> a matter of law. Illegal trade continued.

It wasn't immediately abolished, and although the civil war was "about
that", it was far from the main reason for the war. The main reason was to 
stop the Union from breaking.

Further, some of the declarations made by Lincoln, although encouraging,
did not abolish slavery as such, but were far better than what was known
at the time and gave the slaves hope which brought them into the war

And let's be honest, although Lincoln did a lot and was quite incredible
if history is to be believed, real changes and emancipation in the 
treatment of blacks (or am I supposed to call them African Americans for 
PC purposes?) after the abolishment were not made until the mid 20th 
century. Truman, as one example, did quite a bit.

Again, regular disclaimers, my knowledge of US history is limited and the 
above is likely far from accurate.

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