[funsec] What Happened to The 56 Men Who Signed the DeclarationofIndependence ?

Brian Loe knobdy at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 11:16:42 CDT 2007

On 7/9/07, Dude VanWinkle <dudevanwinkle at gmail.com> wrote:

> OK, those of european decent have been repressing south/central
> america, africa, indonesia, and the middle east for a long time. Much
> of this repression of development is via the applied divide and
> conquer strategy. We go into a place, draw a line down two sides, and
> then pit each side against each other, keeping them in a state of
> dissarray while we export their natural and other resources.

You shouldn't use "we", I don't know who "we" is and would likely take offense.

> M.E.:
> There was no iraq, palesitine, iran, etc before those of european
> decent used the fact that these people didnt have cohesive unified
> government and actually drew the lines that make up these countries.

There still isn't a palestine and there should never have been an
iraq. These weren't deals they just came up with, out of thin air,
though. The entire area, the middle east, has been in a state of
change for CENTURIES - before and after "we" were there. I'm not sure
how far you would like to go back to assign blame but you're likely to
wind up with...I dunno, the Romans?! If you can hold a grudge like
that you're doing better than most in the middle east, and that's
saying something.

> Its not hard to keep these people fighting each other, but we still

No, its not, since they hate each other.

> did (Iran-Contra,

Supplying them with arms isn't the same as forcing them to fight.

> cold war politics, us/them-democracy/communism

I know, you like socialism.

> reasons were given, but really its about making sure we are on top,

This is the conspiracy theory my cool aid class was missing.

> lack of validated ideological superiority notwithstanding.

Hehe, ironically, I think you're making an argument for just how
superior "our" ideology is. I'd make the argument a different way but
while you're running with it, run Forrest, run!

> South America:
> We keep putting despots in power, and then supporting the "freedom
> fighters" who oppose them when the despots get out of hand. I learned
> this when I was 13 in Guatamala, when I met another 13 yr old who told
> me how he got his m-16..\

We've reportedly been doing all kinds of evil things in South America
for decades now, yet nothing much ever improves (other than Panama of
course), and these despots we put into power hate our guts. I'll never
figure this one out - but an FBI agent I once knew said that much of
South America is just as crazy as the middle east - but with less
value to us, MUCH less. Probably why he was so pissed about losing his
partner down there.

> etc, etc, etc Africa has all the diamonds, metals, and green circuit
> board materials, and let is the poorest country there is.. etc, etc,.

Oh, this conspiracy theory I know. Its the Jews. Should have started
off with that one and I would have conceded.

> The case might not be provable in court, but for those with logic, the
> pattern is clear.


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