[funsec] Private trash collection

Richard M. Smith rms at computerbytesman.com
Wed Jun 20 20:52:45 CDT 2007

Around Boston, some of the suburban towns only have town dumps and do not
provide any trash pickup services.  As everyone understands, it is much more
efficient for folks to individually drive to the  town dump every Saturday
instead of having garbage trucks roam the town streets gathering trash.
Private trash collecting firms can't seem to compete since cars are "free".

In my neighborhood on Cape Cod, the private trash collection firm doesn't
exactly have the best reputation:

   Trash collector guilty in Truro murder


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On 6/19/07, Alex Eckelberry <AlexE at sunbelt-software.com> wrote:
> > At no charge? Come now Alex, who do you expect to believe that?
> Ok, touche. We don't have income tax but we do have fairly stiff 
> property taxes.

The worst I've seen or heard of in the States is KC, MO. MO has income tax,
KC has income tax! Personal property taxes aren't the highest in the
country, but they're not the lowest either. Since I moved out of KC they've
changed a few things for trash pickup specifically - something to do with a
limited number of bags and bag tags (which must accompany every bag).

For me, its easy. We have an open market where I live and trash haulers are
able to bid for my business. I also have the option of selecting a hauler
that picks up on the days I want them to. If all very...free. :)
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