[funsec] "Safest ever" passport is not fit for purpose

David Harley david.a.harley at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 03:33:17 CST 2007

> They are still this stupid/dump/blind after all this time?

I know very little about this specific project, but I suspect that you're
listening to the first cuckoo of spring. Or perhaps a bureaucract recycling
the assurances of a third party supplier. The essential driver here is that
it's political suicide to give any credence to the possibility that a high
profile public project is not in every sense perfect. My forecast for the
mid-term future is along the lines of either an under-publicized switch in
suppliers or a shelving of the project disguised as deferral, but
realistically it probably has to be the former. The least likely outcome is
a public admission that the customer specification/underlying concept is in
any way flawed, but it may be that some of the conceptual holes will get a
dab of Polyfilla along with a change of provider. 

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