[funsec] Have security woes doomed Diebolds e-voting business?

Richard M. Smith rms at computerbytesman.com
Tue Mar 6 07:41:59 CST 2007


CLEVELAND - Diebold Inc. saw great potential in the modernization of
elections equipment. Now, analysts say, executives may be angling for ways
to dump its e-voting subsidiary that's widely seen as tarnishing the
company's reputation. 

Though Diebold Election Systems - the company's smallest business segment -
has shown growth and profit, it's faced persistent criticism over the
reliability and security of its touch-screen voting machines. About 150,000
of its touch-screen or optical scan systems were used in 34 states in last
November's election.

The criticism is particularly jarring for a nearly 150-year-old company
whose primary focus has long been safes and automated teller machines.



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