[funsec] "Safest ever" passport is not fit for purpose

Brian Loe knobdy at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 11:07:55 CST 2007

On 3/7/07, Drsolly <drsollyp at drsolly.com> wrote:

> > List the "contrafactual things" the US leadership has believed?
> Well, first of all, they all say they have an Invisible Friend.

No they don't.

> 230 years ago, and you still think it was your Finest Hour.

No, we've had many finest hours since..bailing you out of WWI, bailing
you out of WWII, propping up your defenses since WWII, making you feel
better about yourselves and your place in the world for the last 150


> >  I would never say the English are stupid, or even
> > ignorant, its just that they are very, very stubborn.
> Indeed we are, and don't you wish you were half as stubborn? Without our
> determination, we would never have won WW2.

Right... I forgot that the Brittish lead the allied troops...my bad....

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