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Was a busy day, today, in this playground.


"U.S. Hacker Sentenced to One Year's Imprisonment"

A US citizen who pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit computer fraud and
identity theft has been sentenced to one year's imprisonment by a Florida

Justin A Perras was one of five co-defendants who admitted hacking into
computers at information management provider LexisNexis.



"Wife of Chinese Cyber Dissident to Sue Yahoo!"

The wife of a Chinese dissident jailed for publishing articles on the
Internet says she plans to sue U.S.-based Internet company Yahoo for
allegedly helping to put her husband in jail in China.

Speaking with VOA's Mandarin Service Wednesday after arriving in
Washington, Yu Ling said Chinese police arrested her husband, Wang
Xiaoning, partly because Yahoo's Hong Kong office gave Chinese authorities
information about his e-mail accounts.

Yu Ling said she has come to the United States to sue the company for
damages and to demand an apology.



"Sweden Plan Would Monitor All International Communications"

Sweden's government presented a contentious plan Thursday to allow a
defense intelligence agency to monitor — without a court order — e-mail
traffic and phone calls crossing the nation's borders.

The government insists only a fraction of the electronic communications
will be affected, but critics worry the program, designed to combat
terrorism and other threats to national security, is too far-reaching.



"'Winfixer' Mystery Slowly Unravels"

A California attorney claims he has unraveled part of the mystery behind a
questionable software program and is prepared to go to court.

Attorney Joseph M. Bochner filed a class-action civil suit last September
in California Superior Court in Santa Clara County against two men the suit
alleges are behind Winfixer, a purported security software. The lawsuit
names Marc J. Cohen of Florida, and was amended last week to add James Reno
of Ohio as an additional defendant, Bochner said. It seeks compensation and
a halt to the distribution of Winfixer, among other remedies.



"Beijing Launches Online Ticketing for 2008 Olympic Games"

You figure it out. :-)


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