[funsec] Delicious Irony of the Day: BillOReilly.com DDoS'd

Brian Loe knobdy at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 11:13:12 CST 2007

On 3/9/07, Fergie <fergdawg at netzero.net> wrote:

> Of course not, lighten up.
> I just find irony in the fact that someone as divisive as O'Reilly
> was targeted -- it was bound to happen.

Because only liberal punks do such things?

I agree that he's divisive in that he rarely agrees with any one line,
and he's pretty stubborn. I personally don't care for him much...

> And if you read my comments, others should be so be advised. They,
> too, could be targets.

So this is like a warning to anyone with an opinion, keep your mouth
shut or be prepared for the consequences?

The irony here is that these are idiotic socialists drowning out
opposing arguments via technology - just like their counterparts who
attend speaking engagements and attempt to scream down the speaker
they don't agree with.

I suppose its not surprising that only one side of the political
spectrum partakes in this BS. When you have no substantive arguments,
hold no guiding principles and see everything as a grey area, you have
to resort to such childish behaviors to "win" an argument. Much like
we saw here just a couple or so days ago...

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