[funsec] Delicious Irony of the Day: BillOReilly.com DDoS'd

Brian Loe knobdy at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 19:21:39 CST 2007

On 3/10/07, Drsolly <drsollyp at drsolly.com> wrote:
> > What monopoly?
> I'm guessing that he's referring to the Microsoft monopoly of desktop
> systems, which means that botnets have become a major problem.

See, I wouldn't dare to guess. When I'm at work I set at three
different desktops, Sun, Windows and Linux. In my home we have
Windows, Linux and a Mac (ugh).

Hardly seems to be a monopoly - unless of course jealousy of success
constitutes a monopoly.

> > And before you answer, tell us what you're running on
> > the machine you're typing from.
> Linux.
> Perhaps you didn't know that a "Monopoly" doesn't mean that the vendor has
> 100% of the market?

You're right. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monopoly

There can be only one...

> > What's wrong with capitalism - other than its American and you hate America?
> Nothing, but that's probably because it isn't American, it's British.

That seems debatable...when the US decisded property was an
inalienable right, their cousins in the UK were still bowing to a

> And
> I don't hate America

I wasn't speaking to you, though I'm glad you've shared, twice now.
Too bad the person I was speaking to failed to respond the first
time...we'll have to see what happens this time.

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