[funsec] 10 Indepentents 67 Republicans 298 Democrats

Ken Dyke kdyke at keycomputerconsultants.com
Sun Mar 11 11:28:48 CDT 2007

The below adds yet more vectors of spin to the current USAG flap.

(Excerpts. Paid subscription required)
Department of Injustice
By Paul Krugman

Donald Shields and John Cragan, two professors of communication, have 
compiled a database of investigations and/or indictments of candidates 
and elected officials by U.S. attorneys since the Bush administration 
came to power. Of the 375 cases they identified, 10 involved 
independents, 67 involved Republicans, and 298 involved Democrats. The 
main source of this partisan tilt was a huge disparity in investigations 
of local politicians, in which Democrats were seven times as likely as 
Republicans to face Justice Department scrutiny.

And let's not forget that Karl Rove's candidates have a history of 
benefiting from conveniently timed federal investigations. Last year 
Molly Ivins reminded her readers of a curious pattern during Mr. Rove's 
time in Texas: "In election years, there always seemed to be an F.B.I. 
investigation of some sitting Democrat either announced or leaked to the 
press. After the election was over, the allegations often vanished."

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