[funsec] insite to using cell phone to intercept

C Q kyle.c.quest at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 07:09:47 CDT 2007

The article said that cloning is one of the methods saying that,
"Wal-Mart isn't discussing details of the method its employee used".
Cloning used to be relatively simple with analog cellphones,
which nobody is using anymore. It wasn't very cheap though.

On 3/13/07, Dude VanWinkle <dudevanwinkle at gmail.com> wrote:
> The article said that he cloned their phone. That would be similar to
> cloning a MAC address, except that both could send and receive data.
> this used to be really popular in the analog days of cell phones, but
> the process got more complex after digital got popular.
> Now-a-days, with the advent of sim chips, i think it would be as
> simple as cloning the data on the sim and inserting that cloned sim
> into any phone.
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