[funsec] no more Stargate SG-1?

Gadi Evron ge at linuxbox.org
Thu Mar 15 16:58:09 CDT 2007

On Thu, 15 Mar 2007, Adam Jacob Muller wrote:
> See, I feel bad now. That was more of a I refuse to believe the  
> sequel to such a good show is this bad "what atlantis", not a I don't  
> know atlantis :(
> That said, I shall expound below, feel free to kill file me for  
> making you write all that.

hehe, I will just say Atlantis sucks.

> And, atlantis is extremely heavy on the science, and very light on  
> the morality and philosophy, Atlantis has literally managed to get  
> dunked in a veritable tank of history that has gotten up, wiped it  
> all off, and said "we don't want to talk about that boring history  
> stuff".

Rodney is more pseudo-science than speculative science. And he isn't a
blonde cute girl.

> > Atlantis has 2 minutes of action at best (and most of that is no real
> > action) with most of the episode beind about "let's talk about it" and
> > then "let's talk about it some more". This action is all you have  
> > to hope
> > for while watching it.
> This is why I don't watch the show, for the most part with SG1, i  
> would usually just fast-forward through the boring gun battles ( gun  
> battles == boring ). If i did that with SGA, I'd just be stuck with  
> boring interlude dialog. I midas well just not watch, and I don't.

I am still a guy - gun battles == fun!

> eh, not even. I like talky feely shows just as much as the next  
> person. This is just *boring* rehashing the same thing over and over  
> again. With no compelling plot-lines.


> I sort-of still watch it. I will save up the whole season until the  
> end and then just fast forward through the boring parts. I can  
> usually get through a whole season, at least that's what I've done  
> with seasons 2 and 3. I got through season 2 in about 45 minutes.

You are brave.


"beepbeep it, i leave work, stop reading sec lists and im still hearing
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