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Sat Mar 17 14:28:59 CDT 2007

"Dude VanWinkle" <dudevanwinkle at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 3/17/07, RMueller <randallm at fidmail.com> wrote:
> > Nice post Alex. I remember those days. I just got out of diapers! But
> > were a more pleasant time(I could run around naked with out diapers and
> > one cared)!
> they were more pleasant as long as you were a white male christian....
> it could read:
> johnny and harry get into a fight, johnny is black
> 1956: johnny is hung from the nearest tree
> 2006: johnny is not hung from the nearest tree
> ---------------
> we tend to look at the past with amber glasses, try to see the
> improvements in life as time passes, even if they come at the cost of
> knowing about more complex issues.
> -JP
> >
> >

How true. I of course was not in anyway ignoring that. Darkness is everywhere
even where there is light.


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