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BLOOMFIELD HILLS -- Students at a suburban Catholic school are being ordered
to take down their photos, snappy comments, or anything else they may have
posted on MySpace.com.
Friday is the deadline for students at St. Hugo of the Hills Catholic School
to follow orders or risk suspension. School Principal Sister Margaret Van
Velzen sent letters home to parents this week saying, in part, that if
families allow children to continue their MySpace.com sites, they will not
be allowed to return to school. The school plans to use its computer-savvy
staff members to monitor the site for student activity.  The principal
declined comment, but St. Hugo office manager Judy Martinek said the
principal just wants to keep the students safe.

News Update: Myspace Policy

The school is in the process of presenting the "Think First, Stay Safe"
program to the parents.  One of the topics addressed in this series is
Internet predators.  Over the last several weeks there has been an arrest of
a teacher and a police officer, both of whom posed as children on the
internet to arrange meetings with unsuspecting children. It is out of this
concern that we have determined that the school must take a stand and set
forth its position on the "myspace.com" phenomenon. 

At the beginning of each school year, students and a parent are required to
sign the school's Internet Use Policy.  The policy discussed the
expectations of the school regarding the students' use of the Internet at
school and at home.  It also acknowledged that, "ultimately, parents are
responsible to set and convey the standards their children should follow
when using all media and information sources."  It was STRONGLY encouraged
that parents monitor the students' home Internet use.  It was also stated
that the following behaviors are not permitted:  

Sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures ON OR OFF the St. Hugo
Using inappropriate language to harass, insult or attack others. 
The "myspace.com" sites of many of the students violate these rules.
Therefore, it is the RULE of St. Hugo School that NO ENROLLED STUDENT SHALL
have a "myspace.com" webpage or any similar type personal internet site.
Students were informed on March 20, 2007 that they must delete their
"myspace.com" accounts if they wish to continue to attend school at St.
Hugo.  If a family chooses to allow their children to continue their
"myspace.com" account, they will not be allowed to continue as students at
St. Hugo.

Parents who have not yet attended the "Think First, Stay Safe" information
meeting should plan to attend the final presentation on Tuesday, March 27,
2007 at 7pm in the Parish Hall.

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