[funsec] I think that more of my state tax dollars need to go to security

Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu
Wed Mar 28 20:17:10 CDT 2007

On Wed, 28 Mar 2007 10:50:59 EDT, Dude VanWinkle said:

> C) re-do federal and state law so you can fire someone for being
> incompetent/lazy/bad decision makers/etc and then hire IT guys/gals
> who know what they are doing and are willing to work.

OK. Got anybody who wants to fill this position?  Send them over to
http://jobs.vt.edu and tell them to apply.  Yes, the posting date is correct.
Yes, it's still open. Yes, if you think the salary is underfunded, you
can suggest a tax hike or a tuition hike or other ways to improve the

Working Title 	System Administrator  
Role Title 	Information Technology Specialist I  
Posting Number 	060937

Position Responsibilities 	Provides computer system administration for MPRG by
maintaining all computer systems; administering a Windows Active Directory
Domain; and hosting network resources such as web servers, file transfer
servers, licensing servers, remote access servers, backup servers, and Linux
based servers and firewalls. Leads ongoing development of "Portal" website
using PHP scripting and relational databases. Provides technical support for
faculty, staff, and students regarding the upkeep of PC's, laser printers,
LAN's, and software packages. Keeps MPRG current with technology as needs

Required Qualifications   	Demonstrated experience with Windows and Linux based
servers and firewalls; experience with Windows Active Directory administration
including user management, systems security knowledge, and software management
experience; experience with software update services and anti-virus software/
servers (Symantec experience preferred); experience with software languages
such as C++, ASP, HTML, PHP, CSS, Flash, JavaScript, SQL, LaTeX, and Perl ;
experience with software applications such as MS Office, Windows 98/ME, Windows
Pro, MS Visual Studio, MatLAB, Mathematica, Veritas BackUp Exec 8.x, Adaptec
EZ-CD Creator, MS Internet Explorer, Netscape, Eudora, MS Outlook, Adobe
Acrobat, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe FrameMaker, MS Access, CuteFTP, Serv-U, pcTex,
Scientific Word, and MathType; experience with cloning software and/or
automated installations; experience troubleshooting hardware problems on
Pentium-Pentium4 class machines to include motherboards, video cards, sound
cards, SCSI, IDE, PCI, AGP, ISA, Serial, Parallel, and USB; experience
troubleshooting problems and providing operational support with peripheral
equipment such as laser and laser color printers; experience assessing hardware
needs and working with retailers to acquire inventory; ability to evaluate
needs of users and to determine software packages that will provide optimal
benefits; ability to provide strict control over hardware and software
(especially software licenses); demonstrated effective communication skills and
the ability to provide guidance, technical leadership, and training to less
experienced staff; and experience in project management, multi-tasking, and
prioritizing work to be completed preferred.

Preferred Qualifications   	 Applicants with the strongest combination of
qualifications listed above will be selected for interview.

Pay Band (Staff Jobs Only)	4 ($28,987 - $59,492)  
Department 	Electrical & Computer Engineering  
College / Sr. Management 	College of Engineering  
Job Location 	On campus  
Job Posting Date   	 08-18-2006

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