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Thursday, March 29, 2007
Teen says YouTube experiment nearly blinded him
By Maria Cramer, GLOBE STAFF

SWAMPSCOTT -- Jared Richard and his friends thought it would be a fun
experiment: Mix some chemicals in a plastic 2-liter bottle, shake it up, and
watch the container explode. But the results backfired and almost left
Richard blind.

On Tuesday afternoon, the teenagers, who borrowed the formula from a YouTube
video, went to work in the backyard. They placed the bottle on a picnic
table and took several steps away. 

A minute later, the bottle remained intact. Richard, 15, grew impatient,
walked to the table, and began to pick up the bottle. 
Suddenly, the mixture inside turned yellow. Then all Richard saw was white.
"I thought I was dead when it blew up," he said Thursday, as he sat in his
dining room. 

He wore sunglasses to protect his eyes, which were burned by the explosion.
His face was red with first-degree burns, which he compared to a severe

Thursday, after two days of sleeping and wearing a black eye mask, he was
able to read, look at a computer, and watch television.

For his mother, who was unsure Tuesday if her child would see again, it
seemed like remarkable improvement. "He's very lucky," said Dianne Richard,
46. Police "said the blast was the equivalent of a shotgun blast."

Jared was moved from North Shore Medical Center in Salem to Massachusetts
Eye and Ear Infirmary in Boston, where doctors told the family that he had
burned his corneas, but that he would regain full use of his eyes. 

He may face charges for possession of an explosive device, Dianne Richard

YouTube, on its terms of use page, offers this disclaimer: "YouTube does not
endorse any User Submission or any opinion, recommendation, or advice
expressed therein, and YouTube expressly disclaims any and all liability in
connection with User Submissions."

Jared Richard said he has simple advice for any curious person thinking of
building an explosive device. "Don't," he said.

Maria Cramer can be reached at mcramer at globe.com.

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