[funsec] My new favorite spammer (kinda sorta offtopic)

Gary Warner gar at askgar.com
Fri Mar 30 13:14:53 CDT 2007

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OK, I have a new favorite spammer.  He's selling Rolex, Cartier,
Bulgari, and Omega watches, and of course Viagra, but that's not why
he's my favorite.

He's using The Stainless Steel Rat for his white noise!  (a series of
short stories, novellas, and novels by Harry Harrison about a delightful
futuristic thief named James Bolivar diGriz ...)

I thought I recognized the phrase:

   "There was a robot clerk behind the ticket window, he had that extra
third eye in the center of his forehead that meant a camera".

But when he then included the name Rdenrundt I knew I had the right book!

Here's a funny thing.  Search for "Cassitor Rdenrundt", as in "the Count
of Rdenrundt", the name of one of Slippery Jim DiGriz's aliases . . .

And you get:

"Are you insecure about your sexual prowess?"
"Have you experienced sporadic difficulty in maintaining an "
"Medications for US residents"
"Your anxiety will be a thing of the past"
"Do you feel the pressure to perform and not rising to the occasion"

When my brother was on his second Med Cruise with the US Navy, I sent
him a box of Stainless Steel Rat books, and he tells me I was personally
responsible for the greatest upswing in Naval Literacy in the entire
decade.  He wrote back and asked if I could find him two more copies of
each book!

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