[funsec] No fun at all.

Alex Eckelberry AlexE at sunbelt-software.com
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Very sad.  But I've seen this happen again and again, with "smart"

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Drsolly wrote:

> I've never met someone who got scammed like this before; I always 
> thought it was stupid people and/or gullible types. This guy is very 
> bright, and I'd never have thought of him as gullible.

"stupid" -- not necessarily.

"gullible" -- yes, depending on your definition.

No matter how smart someone is, they'll almost certianly be very dumb
_about something_.  In that domain they are quite likely also
"gullible".  This is why top-of-their-field academic physicists can run
"experiments" that "prove" various "para-normal" capabilities in various
folk who believe they have such and/or know they are charlatans, yet
professional illusionists (aka "magicians") see right through these
"demonstrations" (it's probably also why the charlatans never take the
"prove it to us" challenge when the challenger is
a(nother) professional illusionist, but I digress...).

So, your friend is showing perfectly normal behaviour for an intelligent
human being.

Just don't let your belief in your (narrow) expertise, and its
associated extreme (but narrow) "intelligence" seduce you into over-
extending your belief in your "expertise in general".


Nick FitzGerald

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