[funsec] BBC: British nukes were protected by bike locks

Dennis Henderson hendomatic at gmail.com
Fri Nov 23 20:22:48 CST 2007

On Nov 23, 2007 3:54 PM, Juha-Matti Laurio <juha-matti.laurio at netti.fi>

> BBC's Newsnight reports:
> "Newsnight has discovered that until the early days of the Blair
> government the RAF's nuclear bombs were armed by turning a bicycle lock
> key."
> And later:
> "The Bomb is actually armed by inserting a bicycle lock key into the
> arming switch and turning it through 90 degrees.
> There is no code which needs to be entered or dual key system to prevent a
> rogue individual from arming the Bomb."
> More at
> http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/newsnight/7097101.stm
> Sorry, this is late but reportedly the program was seen on Newsnight on
> Thursday, 15 November, 2007 at 10.30pm on BBC TWO.
> The brits had nukes?  I,.. I thought they just rented them from unkie

I bet the protesters at Greenham Commons were surely shocked to learn this..

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