[funsec] mac trojan in-the-wild

David Harley david.a.harley at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 18:31:34 CDT 2007

> No worries :-)
> I had evaluated av solutions for a university and found out 
> that McAfee Virex did not detect windows viruses. 

:) That's right, or was when I last administered AV for Macs. Strangely
enough, the Dr Solomon's Mac product that McAfee acquired but ran down did,
IIRC, detect BSVs, but that function was never migrated to Virex. And
F-Secure used to have something that detected macro viruses (not Mac native
malware) on Macs , though I don't think it ever got got past beta. Of
course, I'm old and feeble, and may have misremembered some of this stuff.

> I thought 
> this was just standard operating procedure for AV, as 
> scanning every OS for every virus might be too CPU intensive 
> for an app.

Most Windows AV doesn't check for Mac stuff, though most detect some *n*x
stuff. But some of the vendors with a Mac product do, or did. Sophos and
Symantec used to, and probably still do, but it's a while since I needed to
check these things.

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