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'Virtual fence' in Arizona remains unworkable because of glitch

Associated Press
Sept. 19, 2007 12:58 PM 

TUCSON - Because of a continuing software glitch, the first high-tech
"virtual fence" at the nation's borders remains unused, three months after
its scheduled debut.

Nine 98-foot towers laden with radar, sensors and sophisticated cameras have
been built across 28 miles close to the Arizona-Mexico border near Sasabe,
southwest of Tucson, in an area heavily trafficked by illegal immigrant and
drug smugglers.

The towers, each a few miles apart, are intended to deter or detect
border-crossers and potential terrorists and to enhance the ability of
Border Patrol agents to catch them. 

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said more testing is expected
by early October.

"We are now looking to begin acceptance testing in about a month - meaning
that's the point at which they (contracting officials) will say to us we
think you can test this. And we will then kick the tires again," Chertoff
told the House Committee on Homeland Security early this month in

But Chertoff also said he's withholding further payment to the prime
contractor, Boeing Co., unless and until the pilot project in Arizona works.

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