[funsec] Gadi Evron strikes again

Charles PICKENS charles.pickens at itergy.com
Mon Sep 24 06:36:24 CDT 2007


I think to myself something about stones and glass houses.

Perhaps a bit of introspection is in order? Perhaps a trip to thy local English classroom as well (not to pick nits but some of you diatribe is impossible to understand due to a lack of proper syntax, word usage, spelling and grammar).

You would be far more effective in your critique if you had some either:
0) Positive contributions of you own to reference (get it... 0?)
1) A valid point to you exposition
2) Elevated you level of discourse above that of a 8-year old playground bully

This is meant to be positive (i.e.: constructive) criticism…

…but given your past “contributions”, I’m sure I’ll see something along the lines of “Is that all you can do? Critisize my english? I don’t got time to us a speel cheker. ENGLISH ISN’T MY FIRST LANGUGE ANYWAY!”
Flame away.

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Subject: [funsec] Gadi Evron strikes again

Who seen Gadi Evron on the mailing lists trolling about what a 0day is
and what a 0day isn't, in the middle of a serious disclosure about a
PDF flaw?


Well, just incase you missed it, here it is again...


And this guy wants to be a high profile guy at the forefront of
information security discussion?


Script kiddos unite behind the big man Evron.

He leads, where the rest of us follow.

And he comes on the lists complaining people are mimicing his e-mail
addresses and calling him a dick. *I wonder why?*

Its funny, he strongly keeps an eye on Funsec mailing list and keeps
everyone in check,Yet, he has a total disregard for "quality control"
else where, especially on Bugtraq!!!!!!!!

My question is "Who is Gadi Evron?".

This guy you would think would add something special to a discussion,
but he doesn't, and you know what I know his excuse is? He is keeping
his knowledge secret so bad guys can't learn from his knowledge.

lolzers Gadi Evron.

The truth is, Gadi just wants to make sure his name and e-mail address
is in every major flaw disclosure, no matter how lame the comment is,
just as long as his name and e-mail is in high profile disclosures,
then Gadi Evron can sleep at night.

Thanks Gadi!!! My hero.

Bugtraq is moderated for a reason, so Bugtraq moderators, start
moderating it!!! Symantec arsewipes.

Securityfocus, no really, why are you allowing Gadi Evron troll on
such a high profile respected moderated list? Gadi's comment mentioned
above was a true breach of the rules, so start moderating his comments
more in future.

Leave the trolling for F-D Gadi, Bugtraq readers don't want to see
your shit in future, and Bugtraq moderators, actually read what Gadi
Evron is posting in future, instead of just reading the name and
sender and approving the message without actually reading the body.

*Oh its Gadi, its automatically approved*

Lets look at Bugtraq's description:

"BugTraq is a full disclosure moderated mailing list for the
*detailed* discussion and announcement of computer security
vulnerabilities: what they are, how to exploit them, and how to fix
them. " http://www.securityfocus.com/archive/1/description#0.1.1

lolzers, Bugtraq moderators don't read thier own shit or inforce it!

Someone snip a bit of that description that gives Gadi right of way to
troll on Bugtraq in the middle of serious flaw disclosures!!!!!

Gadi, seriously f**king learn about the stuff you read , so you can
actually input into the threads and help with the topic infront of
you, instead of random off-topic messages about what defines a 0-day
and what doesn't.

Why didn't you start your own thread on Bugtraq about "what is a
0-day?", because they wouldn't let you!!!! Instead you sneak your shit
into high profile threads, to get a name for yourself.

Your conversation, as always Gadi, is best suited for Full-Disclosure
or security-basics, so get the f*** off Bugtraq you idiot.
Fun and Misc security discussion for OT posts.
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