[funsec] GSS warns that hackers can now destroy hardware

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Fri Sep 28 14:03:30 CDT 2007

In my condo building, the door for the parking garage is controlled by an
off-the-shelf Windows PC.  I'm sure with enough time and effort, the
software in this box can be modified to start closing the garage door in
such a way to scratch up a car as it is passing through.  Does this count
as hardware-destroying software ;-).


> Are you scared yet?
> [snip]   http://www.tradingmarkets.com/.site/news/Stock%20News/653079/
> Global Secure Systems, the specialist IT security consultants and system
> integrators, has warned that hackers can now destroy hardware systems, as
> well as software.
> David Hobson, Managing Director at GSS, said that a US government video of
> a
> power station generator, released to the media earlier this week, clearly
> shows what can happen when hackers take over control of a turbine system.
> "The Department of Homeland Security video shows a mock-up of an
> industrial
> turbine taken over by hackers and destroyed by turning it into a heap of
> smoking metal," he said.
> "This is what can happen to your company's hardware if a hacker gains
> access. We're not talking about a software crash - which is bad enough -
> we're talking about real physical damage," he added.
> [snip]
> Real physical damage can be done only if your system is mechanical tied to
> an unsecured computer subsystem.
> This is so naively stupid I could rant for hours...
> -joel
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