[funsec] Bosses to snoop on emails - and you would never know

David Lodge dave at cirt.net
Tue Apr 22 15:01:54 CDT 2008

Quoting quispiam lepidus <quispiam.lepidus at gmail.com>:
> Monitoring employee emails is nothing new, I've seen it happening for the
> last 10 years in both private enterprise and govt. So my question is, is
> monitoring employee emails currently illegal in Australia? Or is it the
> interpretation of "Intercepting" that is important?

The magic words here are:
"would allow companies to intercept staff emails without the consent  
of workers."

Consent is important in a lot of countries - though usually this is  
given in the employee's contract. IIRC you even need it in the US as  
it's against one of the millions of amendments to the constituion...


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