[funsec] Math not Ironport's top suite?

David Harley david.a.harley at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 05:49:14 CST 2008

> Yeah, I'm just a hoot at parties... ;~)

I'm owling with laughter already.

> It's more that I am 
> pointing out what I see as one of the critical gaps that 
> impedes *applied* effectiveness.

You're right, of course. This terminological issue doesn't matter much to me
(I'm just taking a break from real work...), and much less to Joe Bloggs,
who thinks all our more esoteric debates are irrelevant. But he's wrong.
Some micro issues - like the differences between a virus and a Trojan - may
be totally and perpetually unimportant to him, but they're sometimes
critical to people who actually work with this stuff. I did say sometimes:
context matters. :)

> I think the inverse argument could be made.  Since they 
> understand that the Great Unwashed they serve has evolved a 
> meme that conveys the concept, they use it.  

That's true. But if they compromise on that issue, we're entitled to wonder
about what other compromises they make. If they don't recognize that it's an
issue at all, that's worse. (Or not. After all, it's all marketing.)

David Harley

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