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> der Mouse (mouse at rodents.montreal.qc.ca) wrote:
> > Perhaps politeness and thinking of your readers is not part of your
> > culture.  In that case, well, don't go away mad, just go away; I'll
> > keep my old-fart politeness, thankyewverymuch.
>  We also forgot the people with the 10 line sig files and one line
>  (top posted of course) replies which rattle around until you have
>  an 800 line mail full of sigs and addresses and stuff. About as
>  devoid of calories as they come.
>  p
> -- 
> Insert 30 line legalese disclaimer etc. ^^;

I really must work on expanding this some time, but:

The content of this email message is distributed on an 'as is' basis, without
surety, warranty, or assurance of any kind as to accuracy of content, quality of
writing, punctuation, spelling, grammar, usefulness of the ideas presented,
merchantability, liability, correctness or readability of concepts, or
correspondence of (a) the 'To:' line with the actual distribution, (ii) time
stamp references in the header (if any) with the time of sending, and (4) any
subject line with any associated thread.  Illustrations may have been originally
necessary to understand this material: neither the author nor the ISP accept any
responsibility for the fact that ASCII doesn't support them.  Any resemblance of
the author or his or her likeness or name to any person, living or dead, or
their heirs or assigns (even if grandchildren), is coincidental; all references
to people, places, or events have been or should have been fictionalized or at
least randomly chosen from the Quesnel phone directory and may or may not 
any factual basis, even if reported as authentic.  Similarities to existing
works of fact, reference, art, literature, song, dance, puppet show, reality
television program, radio talk show, random conversation, or movie scripts is
pure fluke.  References have been chosen at random from the author's own written
works (for purposes of self-promotion) or fertile imagination.  Neither the
author(s) nor the publisher shall have any liability whatever to any person,
corporation, animal (whether feral or domesticated), mineral, vegetable, or
other corporeal, incorporeal, or supracorporeal entity with respect to any loss,
damage, misunderstanding, puzzlement, or death from choking with laughter (I
wish) or apoplexy at or due to, respectively, the contents; that is caused or is
alleged to be caused by any party, whether directly or indirectly due to the
information or lack of information that may or may not be found in this alleged
work. No representation is made as to the correctness of the IP address or date
of publication as our Pentium isn't good with numbers and errors of spelling and
usage are attributable solely to bugs in the spelling and grammar checker in
Microsoft Word even though the author does not use it.  If sold without a
header, this message will be shorter than those sold with a header.  Slightly
higher west of the Rockies.  (The elevation, dummy, not the quality.)  You do
not own this message, but have acquired only a revocable non-exclusive license
to read the material contained herein.  You may not read it aloud to any third
party, regardless of any ability or inability of that third party to read it for
themselves.  This disclaimer is a copyrighted work of Robert M. Slade, first
published in 2004, and is distributed 'as is', without guarantee, warranty, or
attestation as to quality of humour, trenchancy of critique, sharpness of scorn,
or aptness of jape.  Any similarity to any book disclaimer by Jef Raskin is
purest happenstance.  

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