[funsec] TrendMicro goes Douchebag

security curmudgeon jericho at attrition.org
Wed Jan 30 14:44:55 CST 2008

: >I didn't think it was an attack against open source software, but
: >rather a patent on "virus scanning on ftp and smtp gateways"
: Why? It's a valid patent -- it was invented & implemented by our (now 
: CEO) Eva Chen.

It's "valid" in what context? Yes, it is valid in the sense that the USPO 
issued the patent to TrendMicro for whatever. 

Is it valid in the sense that it was truly an original idea and there was 
no prior art? That is probably debatable. 

While we're discussing this, can someone provide the link to the patent 
itself or provide the patent number so we can reference it?

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