[funsec] TrendMicro goes Douchebag

Nick FitzGerald nick at virus-l.demon.co.uk
Wed Jan 30 22:59:32 CST 2008

John Payne wrote:

> Then it is GOOD that trend micro is trying to enforce it. Without  
> enforcement there would be no challenge.

Ohhh, don't think this is the first time Trend has tried to enforce it.

Waaay back they got Symantec and McAfee to roll over and pay up, and 
then used that as a lever against most other commercial AV developers 
who were marketing (or known to be developing) Email gateway scanners.

Speculation at the time of the Symantec and McAfee deal is that Trend 
agreed to some very nominal licensing fee but of course any public 
declarations of the value of those payouts were prohibited by either 
side.  That would make sense, as Symantec and McAfee would have been 
well-placed at the time to attack the very dodgy grounds on which the 
patent was awarded, but it wouldn't have been worth their effort if 
they only had to pay Trend a buck or grand or somesuch...


Nick FitzGerald

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