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Interesting. Not exactly the same, but when I was in the mainland back in 99, the part of southern China I was roaming around in had a strict "no white guys" policy. I lost count the number of shops that wouldn't serve us, and hotels that wouldn't let us stay overnight due to "official policy". There was also one incident where my friend and his uncle took me into some restaurant, and all the customers looked at me like I was waving a gun around or something. A quick exchange between the uncle and a waiter followed, and we were dragged off to a booth well out of sight with the doors firmly locked while we ate.

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I have not seen mention of this elsewhere, but this is kind
of mind-blowing....

South China Morning Post link:


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> China: Black People Banned From Beijing Bars
> July 18, 2008 | 1912 GMT
> Chinese authorities are telling bars and clubs in Beijing not to serve
> black people and other people the government considers undesirables,
> the South China Morning Post reported July 18.
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