[funsec] Operating System in US ATMs

Bruce Ediger eballen1 at qwest.net
Tue Jun 3 11:49:39 CDT 2008

I stopped by a branch of my bank (Compass Bank) in Denver today to
withdraw some cash from the ATM.  An unmarked mini-van blocked access, and
some character in "business casual" garb had the front of the ATM pillar
tipped up.  I took a glance inside to see what the innards of an ATM look
like.  It had what looked like a standard PC case inside.

I asked the guy repairing it what operating system it ran.  He said,
"Windows.  Windows XP based, actually."

Is my bank asking for a repeat of Ross Anderson'a "Phantom Withdrawals"?

Along those lines, how often do bank IT departments go as far south
as Ross Anderson has documented?

           As for you government types intercepting this,
           thanks for keeping us safe from our freedoms.
       Warrantless wiretapping is un-American and unpatriotic.

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