[funsec] ICANN 2005 DNS Security Workshop

Randy randallm at fidmail.com
Sat Jun 28 22:09:52 CDT 2008

Where did it go wrong?



>>PETER KOCH: Okay, good morning, everyone.
My name is Peter Koch.
Thanks, Steve, for the introduction.
And I'm going to tell you now some of the basics of DNS security.
So what am I going to talk about?
First, when you talk about DNS security, the first question is why.
Well, there are some weaknesses in the DNS, and I show you some of the details.
Well, there are weaknesses in there, but the DNS hasn't been invented
yesterday, so we have gone away with those weaknesses for quite some
time now.
Why still it is necessary to talk about DNS security.
Let's have a look into that what could implementations do?
Is it about bugs or the protocol?
We'll have some look into that.
What exactly will DNSsec bring us?
What are the benefits of DNSsec.
Finally, how does it work?



It's been a wild ride for sure and it ain't over.

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