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Robert Slade rmslade at shaw.ca
Fri Oct 10 09:22:10 CDT 2008

OK, now that I have your attention ...  (If that got by spam filters ...)

This is about children taking pictures of themselves.  It's also about who is responsible for the wrongness of an act.  It's also about age of responsibility, although I'm not sure I want to get into a Carleton U discussion ...



I did a bit of a search, but most of the hits seem to turn up the Glenn Sacks blog or copies thereof, and I haven't yet found any updates on the story.

It shouldn't be news: it's not an isolated case.  Lots of instances: one in Florida has two teens who had consensual "relations," took pictures, transmitted them (one to the other), and are both now registered, convicted sex offenders.

I imagine there needs to be a lot of education going on here.  To kids, for awareness of consequences.  To police, lawmakers, and the legal system, for reality checks.  To parents, for awareness of the functions of seemingly innocuous devices (most of these cases involve cell phones or "Webcam" equipped devices).

(Then, of course, there are the extensions: kids who take those images and manipulate or distribute them maliciously.  And people in a "duty of care" position who figure they have done the right thing by alerting higher-ups [principals, school boards] and don't realize that they have, in fact, broken the law by alerting those people instead of law enforcement authorities ...)

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