[funsec] Bill O'Reilly Website Hacked

Richard M. Smith rms at computerbytesman.com
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Will Mr. O'Reilly be notifying all of his subscribes of the breach?  He
might also want to point out that if someone has used the same password at
BillOReilly.com and their email account, then the bad guys can potentially
break into a lot of other Web site accounts.


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Via Wikileaks.org.


Wikileaks has been informed the hack was a response to the pundit's recent
scurrilous attacks over the Sarah Palin's email story--including on
Wikileaks and other members of the press. Hacktivists, thumbing their noses
at the pundit, took control of O'Reilly's main site, BillOReilly.com.
According to our source, the security protecting O'Reilly's site and
subscribers was "non-existent".

[...] image[s], submitted to Wikileaks and confirmed by Wikileaks staff,
offers proof of the hack. The image, clearly obtained from BillOreilly.com's
administrative interface, shows a detailled list -- including passwords --
of BillOreilly.com subscribers. Although Wikileaks has only released one
page, it must be assumed that Bill O'Reilly's entire subscriber list is, as
of now, in the public domain.



This could get interesting...

- - ferg

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