[funsec] cyber-9/11

Donal irldexter at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 03:14:00 CDT 2009

Like that kid whos thesis was classified and he couldn't read it any more.

Convergence is the issue. Why race to allow logical access override
physical access?

POP a few INEX's, you'd be amazed at the re-DUH-dancy.... maybe a
sea-cable or two... tightly coupled cascade failures are the way to
go. WarVox the 911 numbers, BGP sinkhole the DNS root servers... a bit
like Schneiers terrorist plot competition.

All your ATOMZ are belong to us

Nanobioinfotech warfare anyone?


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> Oops, some duplicate sentences were at the end of the last e-mail when I decided it was getting wordy and shortened it up. Looks like I was smoking something.
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