[funsec] Microsoft announce most secure OS on the planet

Gregory Hicks ghicks at hicks-net.net
Tue Apr 21 01:55:03 CDT 2009

> Subject: RE: [funsec] Microsoft announce most secure OS on the planet
> Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 18:53:00 -0700
> From: "Buhrmaster, Gary" <gtb at slac.stanford.edu>
> To: "Gregory Hicks" <ghicks at hicks-net.net>, <larry at larryseltzer.com>, 
<ge at linuxbox.org>
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> > If they could even GET on the Internet.  (Did/Do they have a TCP
> > Stack?  I don't think they did...  But I could be wrong...)
> <sigh>
> How soon they forget about PKTDRV'ers
> and TCPDRV.
> </sigh>

Yup!  You're right.  I HAD forgotten.


Gregory Hicks


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