[funsec] ANZAC Day

Nick FitzGerald nick at virus-l.demon.co.uk
Sun Apr 26 05:25:49 CDT 2009

ferg wrote:

> For our friends "down under", a belated Happy ANZAC Day.

Thanks, but it's not really something you wish a "happy day" for...

Although now (at least in NZ) it's a general "remembrance day" for 
service people who have served, and particularly for those who died, in 
foreign wars (i.e. all wars involving NZ armed services apart from the 
"Maori [or Land] Wars"), the actual date is specifically a reminder of 
the gross stupidity and incompetence of the UK "higher command" who, in 
planning the clearly ill-informed attack on Gallipoli in WWI, 
apparently still thought the Charge of The Light Brigade had been a 
brilliant military manouver likely to pay off if copied...

I "lost" (not being born till 40+ years later that's a tad hyperbolic) 
at least two great-uncles directly as a result.


Nick FitzGerald

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