[funsec] UK Censorship: Brit Porn Filter Censors 13 Years of Net History

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Completely whacked.

Via El Reg.


Four weeks after birthing a nationwide Wikipedia edit ban, Britain's child
porn blacklist has led at least one ISP to muzzle the Internet Archive's
Wayback Machine - an 85-billion-page web history dating back to 1996.

According to multiple customers of Demon Internet - now owned by Brit
telecom Thus - the London-based ISP is blocking access to all sites stored
in the archive. When they query the Wayback Machine, hoping to retrieve
archived pages, customers are met with generic "not found" error pages. But
judging from their urls, these pages are generated by a web filter based on
the blacklist compiled by the Internet Watch Foundation, a
government-backed organization charged with policing online pornography.

One Demon customer tells us he was unable to visit archived versions of
websites run by the BBC, Parliament, the United Nations, the Internet Watch
Foundation, Demon Internet, and Thus. In other words, this customer points
out, Thus is blocking its own web history. "It is nuts," he says.


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