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>> The planners: Enarques, Oxbridge and Ivy Leaguers are taking over the
>> world, and will give us what they think we need, as opposed to what
>> want.
>Note that giving the rabble what they say they want hasn't proven to be
>a brilliant success either.
[TLB:] Nope, just that letting the planners run things has proven to be
an unmitigated disaster everywhere it's been tried. Communism created
far worse living conditions and environmental catastrophe than
democratic free market capitalism. Economic growth and employment are
ruined by heavy handed regulation, inflexible labor markets, and
propping up failed industries. It's somewhat rich that the US is running
headlong into socialism and nationalization of obsolete industries and
failed companies at the very time that France is dismantling the edifice
created by Mitterand, and senior members of the PS (Bernard-Henri Levy)
are advocating its dissolution.

Two quotes from Winston Churchill sum it up well:

Socialism (n): a system of government that makes everyone equally


Democracy is the worst form of government, except for every other one
that has been tried.

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