[funsec] WTF! Or, wow, this never happened to me before!

Amrit Williams johndoe321 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 19:45:28 CST 2009

Use the interupption as an opportunity to highlight the importance of
dealing with the unexpected - easy to relate to how security folks are
constantly called on to deal with unanticipated, ad-hoc, unstructured

Always amazed at how easily some presenters get rattled (not talking about
you), mike's go down, presentation gets screwy, laptop stops functioning,
jokes don't work, someone catches on fire, etc - the solid presenters go
with it, the bad ones throw up their hands and drag the audience down with

btw - I truly doubt any of your suggested methods to break the programming
would have worked, Army folks are not conditioned to accept deviations from
stated intentions. If the mission is to have a fire drill, then they are
going to have a fire drill.

On Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 5:27 PM, Gadi Evron <ge at linuxbox.org> wrote:

> I was invited to lecture today at a conference in the army.
> The lecture went great, we were having a lot of fun and I made sure both
> the subject and the way I presented it were interesting.
> The tension was peaking, people were sitting on the edge of their seats
> when suddenly.. BOOM!
> The door banged open:
> "Drill! Drill! Drill! Fire in the building! Everybody OUT!"
> And there was silence.
> We all literally went: "?!"
> People were deeply engaged with the subject, we connected, and they were
> almost hypnotized. This sudden interruption was like an exit() function,
> breaking out and killing the program unceremoniously. Hypnotists would
> call this a break pattern.
> This is what I wanted to share with the list, but if you are interested
> in the state-machine of what I think I could have done to "disable" the
> guy to a distant planet, take a look at my personal blog where I spend
> way too many words on this:
> http://gevron.livejournal.com/29557.html
> What would you have done?
>        Gadi.
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