[funsec] Customers 'blamed for card fraud'

Robert Slade rmslade at shaw.ca
Wed Oct 7 06:39:13 CDT 2009

From: chris at blask.org
Date: Sunday, October 4, 2009 8:46 am

> This is a hard one to argue against, it leaves the question of 
> "how did they get your PIN?" to be answered.  The only 
> answers possible are:
> o  Someone saw/stole it
> o  the bank has bad tech
> o  the customer wrote it down

As I understand it, the bank involved was in the UK.  For some time, card numbers harvested in Europe have been exported and put on swipe cards in the US.  Because most North American banks and retailers don't (yet) have pin/chip terminals, the card gets used and the user gets defrauded.

It would be interesting to know if transactions carried details of where used and what type of terminal ...

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