[funsec] watch the lives of others, get cash prizes!

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Wed Oct 14 20:38:37 CDT 2009

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> Pick your nose on your front porch in Dorset, Ontario in
> 1983 and no-one had a digital camera - live or Memorex - but
> maybe a Polaroid got snapped.  

OK, since you all are too timid to debate this lovely topic I've Moosed it here:


Shaun Appelby has an interesting thought:

"I'm wondering...

"If this doesn't create some marvellous 'street theatre' opportunities.  Blair Witch Project meets Halflife 2.

"Do you think it is possible to create a low-budget film using entirely public CCTV cameras and captured footage?  An interesting challenge for avant garde cultural creatives, I'm thinking..

"by: Shaun Appleby"



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